I’ve trained and handled dogs for over 47 years and guarantee you will find something of interest in my book:

·                    What commands will solve 95 percent of all dog problems?

·                    Do dogs have a soul, do all dogs bite?

·                    What do they think about, what are the most common myths about dogs?

·                    How do you know what dog to buy, how do you know when to let your dog go?

·                    Why do they lick your lips, is canine socialization and
psychology important?

·                                                                                “If not forced to subsist on a veterinarian’s salary, I would buy a copy for everyone of my clients.” –Maclyn McCall, DVM

$1 from the sale of each copy goes to the proposed Children’s Hospital at CabellHuntingtonHospital, Huntington, WV표">


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John P Smith
For the past 47 years I have trained and handled more then 14000 dogs.  I tell that story in my latest book 14000 Dogs Later (my life with dogs and what I've learned).  It is a b More...