Publisher : Publishamerica
Dolor is a Poetry book expressing the Pain of Deception in Romance. this poetry book is Unedited.

The Story Behind This Book
This Poetry book was written during the end of the strangest eye opening 5 n' 1/2 yr. relationship. this Poetry book ( Dolor ) is dedicated to her, She pushed me, to submit for publication & now I not only have this poetry book titled: Dolor, published. I also have a 2nd. pending release title: Truculent & a 3rd. I recently submitted titled: Adjy . I am currently Writing a 4th. Poetry book currently known as Befall & a Sadistic Horror Novel titled: Eluded Confession.


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Michael Stuckey Jr
As a Child, Michael Stuckey Jr. began writing Emotionally Torturous Writing's & Poetry. Written areas of expertise include: Act of Torture, Pain,Romance, Deceit , Love, Decept More...