He, She and Him
Publisher : Blue Quill Books

(formerly published as Linda Loves...?)

Linda loves two very different men - both at the same time. She is content in her loving triangle until fate intervenes and the affair is revealed. When she falls pregnant, a plan is hatched. One man is the father, the other is led to believe he is, but which one is which?
Is a menage-a-trois a recipe for disaster, or can it really be made to work?

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The Story Behind This Book
Walking through the woods with my dog, one day three years ago, I met a lovely man. We walked and talked and it was very nice. I fancied him something rotten, but nothing came of it. As I walked back home, I thought 'what if?' and the story began to form in my head.

Praise and Reviews

Pat Brien, Author ~ Denied ~ Writing that is as crisp, clear and refreshing as a walk in the country... with a few well placed barbs! (Spoiler?)

This has a delightfully light touch, with a superb comic sensibility that always stays grounded in the real. Contrasts are used to good effect, so that when the revelation comes that the main character is married, it hits all the harder and gives sudden weight, a sense of real drama, to the proceedings.

The maturity of the writing style is such that you don't notice it; you just glide down the pages, laughing out loud here and there while feeling a growing sense of intrigue.

The narrative takes you along briskly and the characters are well drawn, three dimentional people, who you start to feel that you know.

Anyway, read it yourself. SHEER CLASS.


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