A Whisper Of Humanity
Publisher : Evolutionary Publishing

When Detective Faith Prentice is assigned as a liaison to the police force in Montreal, intent on helping the detectives there capture a killer who's MO matches one she's hunted at home in Los Angeles, she is ill-prepared for what awaits her in the beautiful jewel city of Canada's French province. Mysteriously drawn to her temporary partner, Adrian Blackthorne, she rebels against his allure, only to be drawn into an even deeper darkness when Adrian's past snares her - and she becomes a pawn in the deadly battle between the vampire Blackthorne and the powerful master he has long denied?


The Story Behind This Book
The book is a mystery story, but mostly it's a romance.... with the unusual twist that the hero is not quite a hero, but an ancient and highly immoral vampire who loves what he is.... his children are not so happy in their immortal existence, and have shunned him. When he finds that his favoured "son" has been working with a beautiful and lonely new partner, Cartier discovers that the woman is equal parts intriguing to him and repellent.... for she reminds him that there is still a whisper of humanity buried deep within him, and he sees is as a weakness.... doesn't he?


Denyse Bridger
Canadian born and bred, and a lifelong dreamer, I began writing at an early age and can’t recall a time when I wasn’t creating in some artistic form. My life has had several on More...