Hidden Confessions

Hidden Confessions
Publisher : New Breed Publishing
Matthew was always known as a ladies’ man ever since his teenage years.
By the time he went to college, he had fallen in love and given up his player’s card
when fate had him cross paths with Lisa. He had everything he had ever hoped for and dreamed of. 
A great career, wonderful friends, and a fiance’ he planned to marry. After reuniting with some of his 
long time friends from the past and in the midst of wedding preparations, all hidden secrets unveil.
What was once unseen and unknown now brings about betrayal, love, lust, heartbreak, pure disorder, and even danger, which is sure to change everyone’s lives…FOREVER!

Lakia McDaniel
Baltimore born & bred author, my current novel Hidden Confessions tells the story about love, lust, revenge, & pure chaos, as the lives of friends are forever changed by hi More...