The Missing Extra
Publisher : Jax Publishing UK
Starr Fox is 11 years old and, along with her headstrong ‘backstage’ mother, she enters the fascinating world of entertainment. From the audition, to the red carpet, this is set to be the most exciting adventure of her life. When things don’t go quite to plan, Starr is swept along on a mysterious journey, full of intrigue and suspense. Join her as she becomes our very own, youngest ever, Secret Super sleuth.

Media Mentions

Praise and Reviews

“It was brilliant” Maddie Stevenson Age: 10

“It was like a real detective story, it was really good” Katie Thomas Age: 12

“I think it was really good, I enjoyed it” Charlotte French Age: 9

“It was fabulous” Rebecca French Age: 10


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Jacky Rom
British Drama Teacher turned Author Jacky Rom releases her first Children’s Novel on 26th April 2009. After many years of writing plays she was just about to turn 50 and had the More...
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