Meet the far out fantastically freaky residents of Feodora's Lane. Tucked away on a peculiarly numbered street, these unusual oddballs wont't soon be forgotten. There's Liza Plenty, whose gift for spinning yarns earns her a reputation in town- and a fitting consequence in the afterlife; Ingrid Clawed, who's so cat-crazy she raises her daughters more like felines than real girls; and Rosetta Little, who's obsessed with mirrors- until her fixation with looking young crashes down all around her. Don't neglect Bessie Badstreak, the intimidating nurse who's about to get a dose of her own medicine; and Zac Strummer, a rock star whose career gets off track thanks to a hungry barracuda. And that's just for starters.

The Story Behind This Book
Folk of Feodora's lane was written for my rather unusual seven year old daughter,she was becoming a little bored with the books that were around for her age group,and so she asked me to write her a book..simple,,and so folk of feodora's lane was born


eliza keating
My name is Eliza Keating,i was born in Glasgow/Scotland,but moved to the new town of East kilbride as a young child,were i still live and work.I have two children aged twenty two a More...