The Science of Magic: Principia Mathemagica
Publisher : lulu
The funniest thing on the fantasy crime scene!

Colws is a Halfling. Retraive is an elf. Neither of them know how they got to 21st century Earth. But that's the least of their worries.

Someone's decapitated a Hydra and left his body in a Sydney alleyway. It's their job to find out whodunnit. And, just as importantly: whydunnit. And, while it's not as important it would also be kinda nice to know howdunnit.

Colws and Retraive have to do this while avoiding run-ins with the Minotaur Mafia, vampiric fairies, werewolf hit-bitches and Detective Inspector Willis of the NSW Police Force.

Willis is scary.

Colws would also like to get back with his girlfriend. Retraive would like to learn how to cast a spell without setting himself on fire.

And they both need to find the corpse before it destroys the city.

Praise and Reviews
SF Winser is a total hoot. And very, very talented.
- Maria Bustillos (Dorkismo: Macho of the Dork)

SF Winser has just the right mind for fantasy: at right angles to reality.
Kerry Greenwood (author of 'The Phryne Fisher Mysteries', 'The Corrina Chapman Mysteries' and numerous fantasy and children's novels)


About SF Winser
SF Winser
S.F. Winser is an independent writer from Australia. He grew up just north of Sydney where he did almost every job that involved being attacked by other people's dogs. He current More...