The Grandmaster
Publisher : Bards and Sages Publishing
Welcome to the Wagner Institute for Mental Treatment and Investigations.  Since 1966, Dr. Johann Wagner has guided his team of paranormal investigators and psychologists in solving supernatural crimes and unlocking the secrets of the human mind.  But now a horror from his past has come back to destroy not only Wagner, but everything he has built.   Wagner once used his paranormal powers to escape the horrors of the Holocaust, but can his aging mind and body stop the terror that has returned to claim him?

The Story Behind This Book
The Grandmaster won 3rd place in the 2006 Bards and Sages Writing Competition. Each year, Bards and Sages Publishing sponsors a charity writing competition.

Praise and Reviews
" enthralling and clever tale that you will be talking about for days after reading the book."

"Peter A. Balaskas is an amazing writer...This book pulls you in completely..."

"Peter A. Balaskas has proven himself a master of the genre..."
Midwest Book Review

"The Grandmaster is a cleverly concocted novella combining tragedy and hope from the bleakest sadness and intolerable cruelty to an unconditional kindness."

"The Grandmaster is a remarkable story that illustrates both the depths of depravity humanity is capable of, as well as the boundless strength of the human spirit."

"This book is a fascinating read!"  Ghostwriter Literary Reviews

"This is a nuanced and well-written story, with a bittersweet and satisfying end."  Monster Librarian

Author Interviews


Peter Balaskas
Born in Brooklyn from Italian/Greek descent, Peter is indeed a man of many professions — including a microfilm clerk, an environmental and pharmaceutical chemist, a theatre actor More...