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Alan Harding is an alternative healer with a particularly unusual basis for his therapies, who marries the former wife of a controversial ambassador who survived an assassination attempt by Middle-Eastern terrorists.

When his wife, Jane, is kidnapped as retribution for her husband's crimes, everyone assumes that the kidnappers are referring to the ambassador's activities.

However, the good doctor has his own dark secrets ........

The Story Behind This Book
'Shade+Shadows' is based on a real charismatic healer - Jack Temple, who used to be the 'healer of last resort' in the UK until he died. If there was no hope for you, you went to Jack and he obtained extraordinary, even miraculous, results. He also had bizarre methods - much more bizarre than those attributed to Alan Harding here. His main approach was divining but he also worked with concentric Hebrew texts and mineral water. What the hell, it worked. Apparently he looked remarkably like Yoda in Star Wars. The other part of the story comes from my Amnesty International days and the way the secret police and the 'justice' system work in Saudi Arabia. The idea that brings both elements together is that cancer is related to imbalance and despair in the body, and terrorism is related to imbalance and despair in the body politic.

Praise and Reviews

Comment from Bob Ellal, author of 'By These Things Men Live':Absolutely brilliant! I was captivated from the get-go, and the story intensified with every page. Gripping, with completely unexpected plot lines which culminated so neatly. As expected, the writing was flawless and I love how you used dialogue to propel the action. Amazing command of the English language, which you explore but never as an end in itself.


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