Each morning, Emily Kendrick runs on the hard-packed sand of St. Augustine Beach. She runs to clear her mind and heal her heart. From the widow’s walk of the house perched high on the dunes, a man trains his binoculars on Emily…

One early morning run, he sees tears spill down Emily’s tanned face. She stumbles and falls, crumpling into a heap in the sand. . .and doesn’t get up. A lone runner reaches Emily’s side. Her watcher slams his binoculars onto the railing as he throws his coffee cup against the steel and Plexiglas windscreen…


The Story Behind This Book
Some people walk on the beach and admire the mansions with widow's walks built around them. As I writer, I see evil lurking behind the pillars. Even a sand dune conjurs up either romance or danger. Starting over came from my imagination.


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Charmaine Gordon
Former actor for many years with film,stage,daytime drama credits. I decided to write a story, then another... and here I am with a publisher, three books, and one to be released i More...