Twists and Turns of the Soul
Publisher : Silver City Press, an imprint of Canonbridge LLC
Lael Gardner-Stalnaker expands the boundaries of life, love and legend in his collection of poetry, Twists and Turns of the Soul. His clarity when it comes to truth and the power of the heart find their way into poems such as Honesty with One's Self and Blind Hindsight. He dispels notions of conformity with his uninibited Blindfolded and Curves, and takes us into the world of spirit and legend with Eros Defined, Coyote's Legend, and The Hollow Man. Twists and Turns covers a wide range of emotions, thoughts and philosophies in 112 pages, in many ways raw and exhilarating, sometimes autobiographical in nature.


Lael Gardner-Stalnaker
Lael Gardner-Stalnaker spent his childhood dividing time between Texas and California, currently residing in Riverside, California.
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