Tales of Nomadic Socks
Publisher : Silver City Press, an imprint of Canonbridge LLC
Author Paul Wood continues the journey started in his first book, The Traveling Heart, with a book of poetry interspersed with some prose, ramblings and anecdotes of the self-described "man with the nomadic socks". As with all good stories he attempts to start at the beginning and follow the path of his own destruction and resurrection to where today he looks back and says, "I know why I am who I am." When questioned about his choice of title, his response was "because it reflected my poor dress sense, while encapsulating my laid back view on life". That laid back view comes from a life of ups and downs not unlike the roller coaster to which he referred in his first book. Put on your own Nomadic Socks and join him on this journey.


About Paul Wood
Paul Wood
Paul Wood has travelled far since he saw the light of day on the banks of the River Mersey in England.  Early childhood had some interesting challenges and developments that shape More...
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