League of Extraordinary Robots
Publisher : Publish America
When the land of the Bots and humans collide, there will be a big bang. War ensues for the ownership of the Bots' land by a king name Alfred and a powerful wizard by the name of Wisker. Wisker will capture the king's only son, Prince Harry, who will inherit his throne and his wars. Wisker will use Prince Harry as ransomed to get King Alfred to stop the war against the land of the Bots. But unlike his father, Prince Harry will choose to fight on the side of the Bots rather than that of his father. With one strike Harry will fall victim to his father's sword and with one drop of the Wizard Wisker's blood, Prince Harry will arise again to finish the war his father started.

The Story Behind This Book
I love to write fantasy novels,that inspire everyones mind to rethink what is possible,and what's never impossible.The second reason was for the fact that I love Disney films and hopefuly one day one of my novels just might make the cut.


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Yolanda Jackson
My name is Yolanda A. Jackson, born on April 3, 1980 in
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