The Dawning
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Following the decimation of Earth's population in a war fought by weaponized disease organisms, some of the survors, due to enhanced gene technology develop a variety of extra talents. These Talens, feared and hated by the Normals, are driven into hiding. As each new Talent develops, he or she must be saved and taken to safety in a Fold, or risk death. Serena, a Sensitive, finds a toddler with extraordinarily strong talents. She must save this child, who could be the salvastion of mankind. The only person who can help her save little Grace is the man who'd once been her friend, her lover, and her betrayer. But dare she trust him?

The Story Behind This Book
I've always been horrified by the knowledge that scientists have been experimenting with weaponizing disease organisms, seeking means of delivering them. What if they were produced by enemies of Western Civilization? What if these enhanced viruses and bacteria, wind-borne, were caught by the prevailing Westerlies blowing across the Pacific Ocean? The diseases would fall in rainstorms, affecting first the population of western side of North America. As people fled the terror, they would carry plagues to the Southern Hemisphere, and eventually, on the Jet Stream, the plagues could encircle the globe, killing even those who had created them. But, what if some people who caught certain illnesses, survived? What would happen to their genome? Would the genetic enhancements given the diseases create genetic changes in those survivors--and if not in them--then in their children? If so, what might some of those changes be? This is my story of what I think could happen, and because I have never been able to think of humans of our world as the last evolution, I let the genetic changes take a portion of humanity one step further...

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