This is the story of the movie "Lagaan", as seen from the perspective of two individuals - Ram Ramakrishnan and his daughter Madhuri, who loved the movie but believed that there was much more to the story than what was depicted.

This book is available in its full form here and is not published in print.

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The Story Behind This Book
Movies are for entertainment. One goes to a theatre, munches popcorn and washes it down with a steaming cup of extra sweet coffee, laughs or cries as dictated by the story line–some times it could be for all the wrong reasons if the quality of performance so warrants and forget all about it as one walks away and gets reabsorbed into the daily routine of life. So I thought, until we saw Lagaan, not six months ago, my daughter Madhuri having seen it earlier as a young girl in the year 2001 and I for the first time. This movie – it wouldn’t let us exorcise it from our thoughts. It remained embedded in the depths, haunting us benignly, for weeks, for months... perhaps for all lifetime! That is when we decided that we should pay a tribute to something that affected us so profoundly. An event can affect different people in different ways. We thought the best form of tribute would be to write about the way we understood it. In our perception, the movie said so many things that were unsaid, portrayed so much more about the characters than what the script and visualization individually did, had a content that was a great deal more than what a three-hour movie could enfold. The outcome of that resolve is this book titled “A surge of time.” We hope that this effort does justice to the episode of excellence called “Lagaan” and induces those who have not seen it yet, to do so and those who have, to view it many times more.

Praise and Reviews
In a novel attempt and the first of its kind in the annals of fiction-writing, a father / daughter duo has co-authored a novel – 'A surge of time'. One could call it a new age phenomenon. In the words of Judy Reeves, the author of 'Write Alone, Write Together', it is
most important to first accept that you are a writer! And that the written word means serious business! Many of us have a burning desire to write. For this one needs to have the determination to get down to the art of writing – the tenacity and the perseverance.
This novel 'A surge of time' has a story content which has an integrity and strength of its own. The authors of have a pleasing narrative style, which as the story unfolds makes it gripping, holding the reader's imagination in a sustained manner with incidents unfolding before the mind's eye with clarity, sequence and descriptive quality that both absorbs and delights the reader. They have taken pains to research and gather material for the book and have cleverly woven fact and fiction into a tapestry that is appealing. The story content and the narrative speak volumes of the authors' excellent and evocative style of writing. The characters leave deep impressions which linger long after the book is finished. The authors of 'A Surge of Time' Ram Ramakrishnan and Madhuri Ramakrishnan have brightened the art of story telling, and the novel will leave an indelible mark on the mind of the reader. - Vimala AnandaRam (Critic and Writer)


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