Pieces of the Star
Publisher : FIDO publishing
Ex-cop and brain tumor survivor, Vincent Maxwell has been recalled for a special assignment: Capture a killer. With no obvious common links or clues, Maxwell must work fast before another body turns up. What he discovers suggest more than his reputation is at stake. Wrapped up in an unbelievable world of superpowers, he’s dragged in deeper with a connection he never thought possible. Can he use the information to his advantage and stop the killer? Or will death strike before he finds answers?

The Story Behind This Book
I wrote this book for my son who was tired of seeing me with romances. I tried to get him to read a YA book that I had just read, but when the story started with the main character's name he put it down and said he hated that. I told him every book couldn't start with the word blood. But he wondered why not. I said, "Blood oozed from the corpse's ear". My step-son then said he'd like to read that book. So I finished it from that one word blood and gave it to them as a Christmas present. Two years later, I found a home for it at FIDO publishing.


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