Alternative Poetry Books - Blue edition
Publisher : Endaxi Press
Poetry for people who 'get' poetry and for those who don't.  Blue is explored in various ways and as always with banana the poet's alternative poetry books, there are laughs as well as tears.  Number three of the planned seven books series.  Read it and weep.  Or laugh, depending on whether the poem starts on an even or odd page. 

The Story Behind This Book
The Blue edition is the third in a planned series of seven Alternative Poetry Books and is soon to be released in paperback by Endaxi Press. Exploring issues and concepts around the traditional associations with the colour blue: masculinity, sadness, the paperback also contains some more adult poems. The Yellow and Pink editions are widely available from reputable booksellers.

Praise and Reviews
"Like all good poets, Michele is an acute observer of life – offering insights and perspectives that inform, amuse and sometimes shock. She is mistress of the unusual perspective...   those who thought they hated poetry.  This is the book that will change their minds - just as it did mine." Jane Alexander, 'Britain's top writer on alternative therapies' (Daily Mail)


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Michele Brenton
I'm known on the internet as banana_the_poet aka Michele Brenton. 
I was born in Swansea, Wales and lived for 3 years on the Greek island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea.