Mentality, The Secrets of Success, How Leading Sports Personalities in Britain Made It To ...
Publisher : Joe Sillett and Karl Morris

"Best eBook Christmas 2010" - Daily Telegraph Sports Section.

Mentality examines how 16 leading sports personalities in Britain made it to the top. What does it take to perform at the highest level? What can we learn from their experiences? With an enlightening collection of insights by Joe Sillett and summaries from Europe’s leading Mind Coach Karl Morris, the book is described by The Daily Telegraph as a “must-read for sports fans and coaches alike”. The Racing Post describes the book as "a winner and a terrific read".

The full list of contributors is as follows: Ben Ainslie, John Amaechi, Geoffrey Boycott, Laura Davies, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Andrew Flintoff, Dr Janet Gray, Alan Hansen, Damon Hill, Georgina Hulme, David James, AP McCoy, Scott Quinnell, Dennis Taylor, Phil “The Power” Taylor and Lee Westwood.

A % of every book sold goes to the charity Special Olympics Great Britain.


The Story Behind This Book
This book is for anyone looking to improve in sport, business or life. By understanding better what makes elite athletes tick, we have a direct opportunity to learn from them and apply their winning mentality to our own lives. The book charts the life paths of each person from early interest to sporting greatness. Most specifically though, the book examines how they have mentally reached the top, whilst performing and training. Published by Joe Sillett and Karl Morris Monday 1st February 2010 ISBN: 9780956485601

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Joe Sillett
I am 38, married to Sadie and have 3 children, Sammy, Emily and Heidi. I co-wrote "Mentality" with Karl Morris, Europe's Leading Mind Coach. We self-published this book a More...