Deadly Lucidity
Publisher : All Things That Matter Press
Caught in a tangled web of dreams and nightmares,
Marie Reilly is being hunted by a psychopath in the
dream world she can't escape. Her single ally, a
Ranger named Murphy, may be her only hope. He
must help her reach the great Fortress, where
they've been told there is a way back to her reality.
Together, they fight their way through the twists
and turns of Marie's mind so she can have her life
back. But what of their burgeoning passion for each
other? How can she leave the man she has come to
love behind in this nightmarish world he has called
home as far back as he can remember?

The Story Behind This Book
I had a dream and thought I woke up, but was transported into the worst nightmare of my life. It seemed truly real to me. When I really woke up I had to start writing a story around that theme. I had been truly terrified, and thought I could transmit that feeling into my book.


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Julie Achterhoff
I'm a dreamer who sometimes can control what happens in the dream world. I love to write, and these were a stories that I had to tell. They wouldn't let me go. They stayed with me  More...
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