Louisiana Swamp Tours: The Definitive Guide
Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.
Louisiana has an abundance of unique attractions to offer its residents and welcome tourists. Whether looking for upbeat music, beautiful scenery, unequaled entertainment, or zesty Cajun cuisine, such delights are now combined in this handbook of Louisiana swamp tours. Climb on board a large covered boat or a small skiff built for two and learn from the educated guides who know and treasure Louisiana's bayou lands. Beginning with "Alligator Annie" Miller who introduced Louisiana's first swamp tour in the late 1970s, the industry began to grow and prosper. Although all tours are based on exploring Louisiana wetlands, each one has something unique to offer. Different tours highlight varying aspects of the state's flora and fauna, and every tour guide is sure to bring a range of entertaining personality traits along for the ride. With attractions scattered throughout regions of the state, Butler has compiled an informative guide for getting the most out of every wildlife excursion. Contact information and tips on how to make the most of your wetland experience are also included.

Anne Butler
Anne Butler is a native of St. Francisville and operates a bed and breakfast at the Butler Greenwood Plantation, which has been in her family since the 1790s. Motivated by her love More...
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