Louisiana Plantation Homes: A Return to Splendor

Louisiana Plantation Homes: A Return to Splendor
Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.
The antebellum South is celebrated in this beautiful coffee table book featuring over 100 full-color photographs of restored plantation homes. The homes bespeak the grandeur of days gone by when plantation homes were decorated exquisitely, furnished lavishly, and surrounded by vast acreages of lush croplands. Full-page photographs are accompanied by text highlighting the history and outstanding architectural features of each home. The styles of the homes ae far-ranging and include excellent examples of Victorian Gothic, Colonial, Italianate, Acadian, and Southern Classical architecture, with some homes combining two or more styles. Destrehan, Edgewood, Houmas House, Nottoway, Magnolia Mound, Oak Alley, and Shadows-on-the-Teche--all carefully preserved and open to the public--are some of the 76 plantation homes featured in the work.

Lee Malone
Paul and Lee Malone, husband and wife, also collaborated on Louisiana Plantation Homes: A Return to Splendor, The Majesty of the River Road, The Majesty of the Felicianas, The Maje More...
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