Sarah Boone: A Lowcountry Girl
Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.
The year 1780 is one of much confusion and excitement for eleven-year-old Sarah Boone. Living at Boone Hall in Charles Towne, South Carolina, she finds herself constantly observing the changing world in which she lives. Struggling to please her parents, Sarah is often caught between her desires to act like a rebellious tomboy and a proper young lady. Just when she begins to adjust to the changes around her, plantation life is made more interesting with the arrival of a baby sister and new slave family. Sarah is drawn towards the responsibility of being a big sister and role model, as well as being a good friend to Rose. However, it is her new friendship that causes her to question the principles of slavery and the life of privilege in which she lives. Accompanied by the activity at Boone Hall, British forces invade and occupy Charleston, causing everyone in Sarah's life to become fearful of the future. The family's yearly return to the city is disrupted, and the cruelty of political injustice is witnessed by all walks of life. As Sarah strives to understand and cope with the obstacles around her, she learns the value of family, friends, and faith in herself.

Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After traveling to Charleston, South Carolina, in 1993, she transferred from the University of Wisconsin to the College of Charlest More...