Turban Tan
Publisher : The Igloo Oven Publishing Project
The pre-apocalyptic/dystopian fantasy/satire story of The Drippy Man.

The CIA has been dissolved. A new agency has formed.

Espionage plays a valuable role in the business world of 2032. The excavation of resources is driven not by free enterprise but by the desperation to sustain those who serve in protection of the stock piled wealth of a corporate monarchy. The Drippy Man becomes a centrifugal outsider on the inside as the words from The Dry Advisor take shape in his understanding during the course of his next assignment. Betrayal in a stagnant, monopolized economy is as common place as the fitful wind.


The Story Behind This Book
Turban Tan began as a flash fiction piece/short work of dialogue. It grew into a larger novella, exploring a longstanding idea I had about the future of economics and espionage.

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