Reflections of life is a collection of poetry supplied by various poets. This collection includes exquisite illustrations as well as stimulating and intoxicating poetry that is designed to help you enhance your ability to unleash your inner being. The illustrations help to enhance the depth of each poem it represents and each poem is beautifully crafted with a different border on every page.

The Story Behind This Book
I wanted my book to be totally unique and, unlike no other. The creativity reaches heights that step out of the box and away from the norm. Every page is adorned with beautiful borders. The first thirteen poems are accompanied by illustrations that interpret the depth of each poem. The other poems are categorized in sections as follows: 1. LOVE, ADMIRATION AND, LUST 2. LIFE I chose to use a different border for each poem to give it a unique appeal. I hope the originality and overall creativity will help make my first book of poetry a success and enjoyable to my readers.


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Maxine is an Author/Poet/Writer/Editor/Publisher with an extraordinary passion for writing and the Author of a collection of poetry titled, "REFLECTIONS OF LIFE". Maxine  More...