Transcending Illusion
Publisher : Ascension Publishing

The Story Behind This Book
Thea Ivie, author of Transcending Illusion, was taken to India at an early age and studied with great masters after a prayer to Jesus, “Take me to a man who knows God.” Transcending Illusion is a story of Thea’s path to enlightenment and the struggles and triumphs along the way. Thea is extremely candid about her journey and outlines a path for all to follow. “One must want realization above all else, and then the purification of karmas will be accomplished until one realizes their true state of Oneness, which is always there.”


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About Thea Ivie
Thea Ivie
In the early 1960’s Thea Ishwari Ivie traveled to India to be with realized souls because of a deep longing to know God. Thea has met, trained under, and served many great, reali More...