A Brief History Of Lies
Publisher : CreateSpace USA.

A survey of a wicked, irreverent, serious, harmful, cruel and enjoyable (for some) side of human civilization. http://nanavati.eu

Including quotes on lies and lying (good, bad and indifferent) from famous people down the ages who should know better.

8 original cartoons by Calvin Innes. http://calvininnes.com

The Story Behind This Book
Eons of human history.

Media Mentions

Praise and Reviews
It certainly does have something of a punch! “
Dr.Aaron Delwiche, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Trinity University,Texas.

“This does look like a fun and intriguing book!...Great work!”
Dr.Diana Fishbein, Behavioral Neuroscientist, Research Triangle
Institute International, N.C

“...it is both funny and wise."
Dr.Fran Stott, Professor of Child Development Erikson Institute, Chicago


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