Mystery, Suspense, Film Noir and Detective Movies on DVD: A Guide to the Best in Cinema Thrills
Publisher : Lulu
This mammoth 468-page, illustrated reference book makes it easy for film noir and mystery thriller fans to check out not only what is currently available on DVD, but full details and reviews of those movies. To gain information, fans can check out a title that appeals to them in the Index of over 700 films; or they can browse through the detailed alphabetical section; or they read some of the articles such as "Raymond Chandler on DVD", "The Best Sherlock Holmes", "The Thin Man Series", "Humphrey Bogart versus Alan Ladd, the Ultimate Movie Tough Guys", and "Noir, Crime and Mystery".

The Story Behind This Book
Over 1,200 DVDs were viewed in the two years it took to write this book. Many of these classic movies are available on multiple labels. I looked at them all. And surprise, surprise! The most expensive DVD version is not necessarily the best! In some cases the best DVD so far as picture and sound quality were concerned was not the $29.95 prestige pressing but the one you'll find in the $2 bin!


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