The World of Caroline
Publisher : LionHeart Press
This charming collection of poems by Ron Leonard was inspired by his irrepressible granddaughter, Caroline.

Poems include:
  • "Caroline Crawl",
  • "Caroline's Library",
  • "Caroline's Wonderland by Night",
  • "I am Two Fingers Old",
  • "Shopping At Home",
  • "Grandpa's Easy Chair",
  • "My Band", 
  • "Caroline... The Artiste!",
  • "Gone Fishin' ",
  • "God is My "Go-To" Guy",
  • "The Littlest Rebel!" and
  • "My Magic Window."

Follow Caroline as she feels the ocean water rush through her toes, camps out with imaginary friends, and discovers new words. This is one child's perspective and everyone's delight. The next-best thing to having your grandchild on your knee.

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Praise and Reviews
Dr. Sumathi Kasinathan ( Greenburgh Health Center, White Plains, New York) 3/1/09 7:09 PM
"A wonderful read which enables both adults and children to experience the myriad treasures that life beholds. Like Caroline says in 'Wonderland by Night,' "Life without Wonder? That's like dinner without dessert." Through Caroline eyes, we are able to see and appreciate the beauty and wonder that surrounds us each and every day. The audience learns, laughs, and grows along with her on her fascinating, fun-filled journey. Exploring everything from fishing to religion, the author opens our eyes to a magnificent world of magical castles and golden buildings that can be found right outside our bedroom window. A classic book for all ages!"


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