A contemporary guide for interpreting Divine Guidance in a complex world by accepting Jesus Christ as our savior and recognizing the signs Spirit places on the path which God intends for us to follow.  Simple, yet profound, advice for achieving happiness is presented through the use of contemporary language, modern day scenarios and biblical scriptures.  This book covers so many areas of spiritual importance; it is almost “An Apostle’s Manual for Life.”

The stories shared throughout the book give it increased value, and a diversity that readers’ appreciate.  Throughout the book readers learn that their lives are full of choices, and that those choices will impact their lives for better or for worse.  Strong values and biblical morality are instilled in the reader without clobbering him/her over the head with these insights.  There is no preaching in this book.  The writing makes the author sound like a warm friend who is lovingly sharing to a group of people sitting in his living room.  The author’s biblical morality and precise writing reflect the thought and time spent creating this helpful, instructional, moral document that has the potential to dramatically impact lives since it is loaded with wise words, great stories, and practical biblical truths.  The book ends by focusing on the very purpose of our individual creation: “God has a plan that is too huge for us to challenge… Have faith, pray for clarity, live in the Word and let the Holy Spirit lead you down the path for which you are intended to follow.


The Story Behind This Book
It can be so very odd the way we are brought to serve God. You never really have any idea when or where it will happen. It could be around the next corner or over the next mountain. It may even be while driving on the on ramp to the highway on the way to work. Odd thing is that is exactly how it happened to me. Being saved is something I have taken for granted for many years. As a teenage boy I said the prayer with my Aunt Gertrude in the house of my Nanny Lucy. She asked me if I wanted to be saved, and not fully understanding what that meant but trusting her fully, I agreed. Although I had decided to confirm through words my commitment to being a child of God, was I really born again in Christ Jesus? Had I been truly saved? I really had no idea what it all meant. Could my being saved be decided by anyone else but God? It was not long ago when I realized the unequivocal answer to this question: There was so much more to being saved than mere words. Today I know so much more than I did back then. Time and time again I have been asked by fellow Christians of all denominations, “When were you saved?” Question after question went unanswered for I truly did not know how to answer them. Was I to respond with a particular date and time? Was it a question of when I obtained inspiration and enlightenment? All these questions I had asked myself time after time without being able to obtain successful answers. Answers come through the Holy Spirit in the strangest ways and at the oddest times. We may be trying to fall asleep without success when the Lord puts His words into us. We may awaken at 3 a.m. in silence to be drawn to a book, a TV show or to pray for clarity. Often it is in the not-so-coincidental meeting with a stranger who touches our heart with a few kind words. Many times it is enlightenment through turmoil, sickness or betrayal. Such is the way in which I was saved. I remember the day vividly as I had been isolated by betrayal. It was again time for me to test my beliefs in the Word. My faith would be tested as it pertained to my marriage, my business and my journey with God. I must further reiterate on how strange it seems at times to us as mere mortals when the Lord is working His miraculous plan in our lives. How many times have the worst things in our lives often, through time, proved the greatness of God’s plan for us? For the purpose of recognizing the true miracles from the Father, and for that purpose only, I will share with you how I became truly saved. It was a day like any other day. The only exception in this instance was that my entire reality (or what I interpreted as my reality) had totally been tipped upside down. My trust in the people who meant most to me had been taken advantage of. Those whom I thought loved me were jealous and envious of me. What I held so dear was not what I thought it was. My family had slandered my name, demoralized my character and sold me off to pride. It was the worst of the worst that brought out the best of the best. In it all, hidden beneath the hurt, was my true salvation. Through the pain of betrayal I would be saved. I would need to be true to the Word. The facts had already been presented. The betrayal had been discovered through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I was asked to take action and I did. There was the answer to all the feelings I had been experiencing over the last six months. I was being played by one whom I intentionally trusted. I had been lied to by the one whom I chose not to pursue for answers. Yet, through the miracle of the Lord I received clarity. I could see the weakness in the one who betrayed me. The weakness was one of self preservation stemming from a lack of faith. All he had was pride and he would do anything and hurt anyone to protect it. He himself had been betrayed. His confidence in whom he interpreted as his being had been challenged. What meant so much to him, his interpretation of what it meant to him to be a man, had been turned upside down. Sound familiar? However, in this case, he decided to choose sin, twist truth and become the victim. In an attempt to justify his sins he screamed, “You used me. I made millions for you and you gave me nothing.” This is not the path I would ever have chosen to take. I have been there before and have seen the mess at the end of that road. It is a wide path that many will follow. I would travel the narrow path less traveled - I would follow the Lord down the path of righteousness. Cultivate these things. Immerse yourself in them. The people will all see you mature right before their eyes! Keep a firm grasp on both your character and your teaching. Don't be diverted. Just keep at it. Both you and those who hear you will experience salvation. -1 Timothy 4:15-16, MSG This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. -Joshua 1:8 (KJV) I was being prepared for my elevation to the next level in my journey. The Lord needed to know if my soul was truly ready for what He was about to gift me with. Would I be up to the task of surrendering to the will of a truly righteous man? Could I choose the path of immediate forgiveness? The answer was a clear and unchallenged “Yes.” I chose to live in the Word and forgave immediately. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish. -Psalms 1:3-6 (KJV)

Praise and Reviews

Hi Ron,


I read your book last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is a book that everyone should read who is interested in building a godly character. I read it in one evening and couldn't put it down.


May you be richly blessed and abundantly satisfied in His presence.


Gary Sigler, Kingdom Resources


Dear Apostle Ron Ash,

Thank you for the opportunity to review your new book. I was blessed by your
message. I have written a short review. (see below) I hope it meets your
God Be With You,
Ruthann Canell

Apostle Ron Ash has done an amazing job at making a clearly defined guide
for a happy life. The message delivered throughout The Apostles Recipe for
Happiness is compelling and is a value not only to Christians everywhere,
but, also to people of unbelief.

Ruthann Canell,



Ronald Ash's "The Apostles Recipe for Happiness" is a contemporary guide for finding peace in our complex world by accepting Jesus Christ as our savior.

The Author's new life began while listening to a Christian radio station while driving in his car.  The pastor's words were about a man whose life's story applied directly to what was going on in the author's life. This simple event made a life-changing impression on him and started him along his road to salvation.

He presents simple, yet profound, advice for achieving happiness.  He encourages one to be flexible, honest, and thankful; and in giving, freely knowing that one will be rewarded ten-fold.  Seeking peace, understanding, truthfulness, beauty, and knowledge, guided by the Holy Spirit, is a plan for happiness.  He says, "Life is a journey, not the goal....With God's plan, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the advice of Jesus along the way, I will accomplish great things."

By recognizing the signs that God places on the highway of life, one can finally realize that life can be rewarding.  He gives the example of how he noticed a help wanted sign in a store window.  He applied for the job and was hired on the spot.  He worked hard and gained the notice of his employer.  His experience led him to start his own store, which led to buying his own building.  This experience enabled him to gain equity and buy more properties.  Today he is the owner of his own real estate investment company.  Had he not heeded the sign that God gave to him, he would not have achieved success.

This is an inspiring work, and Ronald Ash uses contemporary language that makes his hypothesis approachable, even reinterpreting Scripture in modern speech.  "The Apostle's Recipe for Happiness" uses many examples taken from Mr. Ash's own life that give credence to his suggestions.  This work's energetic style and sincere intent should engage the reader in a new look at life's possibilities.

-Jean Wahlborg, Editorial Coordinator


Dear Apostle Ash:


Thank you so much for your interest in CSN Books, and for responding to our information displayed on the Internet.  We appreciate the opportunity  to read and review your latest book project, The Apostles Recipe for Happiness.  From the opening sub-head for your title on the cover page, you stimulate the reader’s interest with the promise that they will learn “How to connect to God’s energy and create a life without limits.”  Now that should get just about any reader’s attention!


Your poem, “The Apostle,” does a great job of positioning what will follow in the book.


“From all those experiences You have made me a man.

Through the power of faith I know that I can.”


This bold, concise statement sets the groundwork for a profound set of vital moral teachings that are delightfully encased in a simple, subtle, and sharp verbal presentation that will hold the attention and educate your reader.


As I begin this review, I believe it is important that you understand that while CSN does print and reproduce books, our overall service is as a publisher, where we edit, proof, create professional covers and publish books to bless the body of Christ, and reach out to the unsaved.  Your book, The Apostle’s Recipe for Happiness seems ideally suited for our services.  We offer a full array of publishing services, producing bookstore quality projects that stand the test of time, and reflect powerfully and positively upon your ministry.  Simply stated, CSN Books for over two decades has served pastors and Christian leaders like yourself in the body of Christ.


At the end of your “A Recipe for Happiness” section, you write “Read it, understand it, and become it.”    That single sentence does an excellent job of reflecting your heart: you wrote this book for more than information; you are asking the Holy Spirit to bring transformation to your readers.  That only reflects your original statement to see a world “without limits.”


Your section on “Being Saved” supplies what is all-too-frequently missing in the books I receive here to review.  So many times I receive good teaching books, but they fail to reflect the personal experiences of the author.  I normally send those back-not rejected-but with a request that the author add from their own experiences.  In “Being Saved,” we grow to know Apostle Ronald Ash as you were in the process of “…being prepared for my elevation to the next level in my journey.”  Today, you state that “My rewards are great and my troubles are few.  “What a powerful testimony!


The other stories you share throughout the book give it increased value, and a diversity that readers’ appreciate, such as the story about “an amazingly talented young women.”  As you share her life, you make a universal statement: “When we fail to see how we have been blessed we can hardly rise.”  Of course, you also supply the answer for the breakthrough and elevation: “When we become inspired and thankful people of God, incredible things will happen in our lives.”


Throughout the book you educate the readers that their lives are full of choices, and that those choices will impact their lives for the better or for the worse.  You also instill strong values and biblical morals without clobbering the reader over the head with those insights.  There is no preaching in this book.  Your writing makes you sound like a warm friend who is lovingly sharing to a group of people sitting in your living room.


Your biblical morality and precise writing reflect the thought and time you spent creating this helpful, instructional, moral document that has the potential to dramatically impact lives since it is loaded with wise words, great stories (such as the new bike, or the scamming renter), practical biblical truths.  Your final word on children in one section should be a sign every house can display: “They may get smarter, but you are and will always be wiser than them.”  A similar profound statement later in the book declares: “God gives us the potential and it is up to us to realize it”


Finally, you end your book by focusing on the very purpose of our individual creation: “God has a plan that is too huge for us to challenge…Have faith, pray for clarity, live in the Word and let the Holy Spirit lead you down the path for which you are intended to follow.”


God Bless you; well done!


In His Service,

Dr. Michael Wourms

Founder and President

(Hand written after post script)


Dear Apostle Ash,

Your book covers so many areas of spiritual importance that it is almost “An Apostle’s Manual for Life.”  Congratulations on your comprehensive compilation for change-for living a life without limits.  Rarely does a book personally inspire me as yours did.  Please know that I would consider it an honor to publish and help promote this incredible work!


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