What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles
Publisher : Self Published at LuLu.com

Resident Evil meets Reign of Fire with a little Jurassic Park for flavoring, What Have We Done?  The Dragon Chronicles explores the depths of human arrogance under the presumption of technological advancement.  As the occupants of The Facility, a secret underground lab, found out for themselves, the desire to advance as a race should be tempered with wisdom... Otherwise, the results could be catastrophic!


The Story Behind This Book
Thank you for previewing my book!!! Blessed Be, Mike Bailey

Praise and Reviews

“I thought this was a great book.  It maintains a flare of reality while provoking one's imagination to explore the farthest reaches of science fiction.”  -Anonymous


“Imaginative, enticing, captivating and a little bit erotic!  Mike Bailey crosses spectacular sci-fi with a little bit of the steamy eroticism of a romance novel” – Joseph Werth,  Small Town Critique



Mike Bailey
I'm a tattoo artist, piercer, Wiccan, trike enthusiast, artist, painter, writer, sword collector and much, much more...