By Ron Ash
Publisher : RMA Associates dba White Hawk Publishing

Being exists in this moment in this time and knowing, seeing, feeling and experiencing All that there Is right "NOW." It really is All that there Is. The Master knew the power of this incredible law. This is how He created incredible miracles everywhere He went. It is by the power and the intentional manipulation of the now that will determine the outcome and contribute directly to our experiences in the future. Where do we exert our energies? Do we spend our lives searching for everything we already have? Are we concentrating on the choices we made yesterday rather than the choices we can make right now? If we answer yes to any of these questions it is very important for us to go on. The Universe has brought Us together for one specific reason. We are about to realize All that We are created to be. Here we will experience our being! I wrote this book to help us discover who we truly are. So many people I know both young and old struggle with Truth every day. They fail to recognize the obvious from within and instead fixate on the external world around them. It is my wish to dispel the many myths that exist in our shared physical realm of existence. I wish to make us immune to the disease of this illusion. In teaching how to manipulate the thoughts which create our delusions we will in fact begin to intentionally create our own world. It is important to remember to forget all that we have learned upon entering into the proceeding pages. For it is only with a blank slate and an open mind will we be able to grasp the incredible powers within All. By clearing our minds of our previous perceptions we will be gifted by the wisdom. "Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from Being."


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