The Secret of Divine Intervention
By Ron Ash
Publisher : RMA Associates dba White Hawk Publishing

Readers will learn how to:
*    Interpret Divine guidance;
*    understand how perceptions play an important role in formulating our reality;
*    learn about how our thoughts and emotions associated with them create our experiences;
*    develop an ability to interpret spiritual signs and angelic messages;
*    understand how the Universe creates through us; 
*    and develop intuitive abilities while increasing connectivity to Source.

The Secret of Divine Intervention will explain how easy it is to interpret Divine Guidance.  Readers will learn how to work with the creative energy of the Universe in order to create the life of their dreams.


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Praise and Reviews
Thanks for writing from actual experience. So few can describe their spiritual experiences in the detail you have.  -Ed Abbot

You have a gift of expression. You have taken an abstract concept that many don’t understand and made it into an “AHA” moment! Again, thank you.  -Susan

This is good stuff,I need to challenge my perceptions more often to found jewels like this.  -Liezl

Ron, this was great. Many today are experiencing such things.  -Gary Sigler

Thankyou! I truly appreciate your insight.  -Angie

I just discovered your site and I am enjoying it. Great analogies for marriage. God bless you as you continue to walk with God.  -T Valentine

Nicely put!  -Jordan Klimp

Ron…WOW! As I read the post…I was seeing Christ sitting in the Temple and teaching at the age of twelve. I see Him walking about doing good and continuously ‘honoring’ the Father as He taught the multitudes the oracles of God.
I see Him ‘blowing the minds’ of the chief priests and elders as He had the audacity, without ‘proper credentials and apparel… speak and teach the Truths of God which cast light on the darkness of their traditions. He made clear to those religious men then……and to the ‘religious’ men now….’that ye need not that any man teach you.’ And as He was rejected among His own then…His pure doctrine continues to be rejected amidst those ‘called by His name’ now…the established Church.  -Internet Elias

That was wonderful.  God bless you brother .  -Adrianne Hemenwa

Ron you get it. I believe that people have made a mockery of what Jesus was truly teaching. He was a metaphysician, healer, new age guru, ascended master or whatever name you want to label him with. I also believe that we wanted to be an example of what humanity is capable of in the here and now. He never meant to be seen as a God.  -Reginald C

You are right on the mark.  -Drew E

Good morning. This is a refreshing and encouraging read. Two statements stuck out; the first being “christians have become known for what they are against rather than what they are for.” This is sad but all too common. We are to lift up Jesus first and foremost. The Holy Spirit will do the drawing if we’ll just be faithful ambassadors.

The statement by Ghandi is equally interesting and it points out the all to common disconnect between Jesus and many who profess to know him. This post should cause every saint to ponder “what kind of Jesus am I presenting to those around me?”

Blessings always in Jesus name.  -Tim Bob

Hi Ron,

Loved this book. I especially like the GGS :-) What you’ve said is very true of course.  -Lori

I couldn’t agree more with your heart felt, honest and accurate sentiments. You’ve a talent for piercing the truth.  -FT

Beautiful !  -IE

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