No Goin' Back
Publisher : BT Publishing
A stunning autobiography of one man's emotional rollercoaster journey through life.

Be grateful you haven't lived his life...
Be inspired by what he achieved!

Praise and Reviews
"This is an autobiography that's sure to inspire even the most cynical depressive"

"This life story was not written by an intellectual scholar.
This is a book written by a dyslexic dunce where you can almost feel his softly spoken Scottish voice coming through the pages into your hands and into your heart"

"When your not wiping away your tears, or gasping, 'Oh no! he's not going to do that, is he? you'll be laughing out loud at his Scottish wit and observations in life"

"If you want to find your way out of low self esteem or worthlessness,  or even just have more gratitude for your own life, then this truly remarkable life story was written for you!"

Bill T Tucker
Autobiography No Goin back by Bill T Tucker, a life story to inspire A stunning autobiography of one man’s emotional roller-coaster journey through life. Be grateful you have More...