POETRY! Handle With Care: a book of poems and something sort of like art
Publisher : Lulu
Poems include the award winning "He Brings Yellow Flowers To The City" and "Star Stuff." The poem "The Princess, To The Prince" has been widely published as a greetings eCard. "Morning Reassurance" has been displayed in galleries as Word Art.

More than a collection of poems, the artwork (or something like it)in POETRY! was drawn as a spontaneous response to each individual poem. The only tools used to achieve this were those
readily available within Microsoft Word, and a cordless mouse.

Each poem can and should be read as separate entities, but taken as a whole work, from cover to cover, one feels a story has been told.

Media Mentions

Praise and Reviews
"Rather than a tedious ride through someone's journal, this covers a lot of ground in a short space... Charming, irreverent, and at times brassy, Albright's poetry remains empathic and
accessible instead of tawdry and confessional which is so in vogue these days."
-Alexander Renault, Erotica Authors Association


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