This novelette is not only my accounts in the study of my dreams, but also the true accounts of my life up until the age of  thirty-three. It's a very compelling read only suggested for those with an open mind.

The Story Behind This Book
I decided to pursue the mysteries behind dreams. To experiment, to discover what these enigmas of the mind are, and thus my journey began. The revelations I would soon discover were astonishing. We have all had dreams, but science plays them off as mere daily happenings returning to us as we sleep. I never believed this story. For the human mind is far too complex for any one human being to explain. All I ask is that you keep an open mind as you read.


Chad Fleagle
I was born in Ellwood City, PA in 1974, and currently reside in a small Pennsylvanian town known as New Castle. Sky Park will be my first of many books as I write on a daily basis. More...
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