Color Your Life Happy: Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve
Publisher : Aviva
This book charts a journey from opening your mind to happiness to making happiness your way of life. Set aside your skepticism and enjoy the personal stories, quotes, and activities that describe the many ways to achieve our own success, abundance and inner joy. You will claim your inner power to create the life you only imagined before.

The Story Behind This Book
When I heard Wayne Dyer say "Don't die with your song still inside you," I decided to share my gift, this book, with the world right away. My original plan was to write an autobiography, but the Universe took me in a slightly different direction sharing what I've learned throughout my life about creating happiness by making wise choices. Just as I was starting to write my book I discovered that a new field of psychology, positive psychology, had begun. This field focuses on studying the strengths and virtues that enable people and communities to thrive. The researchers are uncovering amazing findings, some of which are the same things our grandmas told us.

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Praise and Reviews
"Color Your Life Happy: Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve" is full of colorful stories, and even uses colors for metaphors--such as "color yourself powerful" by wearing black, or "color your life flamboyant" with orange because it's the color of fun and energy. After a forty year career of inspiring people through teaching and inspirational speaking, Flora Brown now gives away her secrets to finding happiness in one book. Read "Color Your Life Happy" and achieve the happiness you've always deserved.~Tyler Tichelaar


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Flora Brown
Author, speaker, coach, radio host, mom and grandma.