The Grammar of Witchcraft
Publisher : Mandrake of Oxford
A collection of short but related narratives as well as poems exploring Anglo - Saxon witchcraft and radical traditionalism. It is also an examination of national identity. 

The Story Behind This Book
"A Haunting Conceit" Iain Sinclair "In this collection of poems and Mini-Sagas, Parry narrates the final journey taken by Caliban from a lesbian wedding in Liverpool, back to a London which does not exist. Along the way, concepts of Anglo-Saxon Witchcraft, Radical Traditionalism and English Ethnicity are discussed as the author unfolds his vision on an endlessly benevolent Spirit World."


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David Parry
I was born in Hampshire in 1958. As a priest of Odin and the guardian of Hiemdall's Hearth I have been giving regular poetry readings, as well as public lectures since 1996. Also,  More...