Aviation, How and Why
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This book reviews the history of aviation in America and how it relates to modern air travel.  Introduces and describes airports important in aviation history and pilots who made contributions to flight safety. Written in the same conversational style the author uses to instruct flying from beginning student pilots to professional commercial pilots while employing the lessons learned from aviation pioneers.  Contains a glossary of words not found in other publications. Arcane and esoteric subjects are clearly explained. All mystery is forever removed from the subject of aviation. Something unique sets this work apart. More than half the book is filled with exciting stories about working pilots in the real world of aviation, many from the author's personal experience.

Who wants this book?  People around the world seeking to learn about aviation in the United States. High School and College students needing an overview of aviation and a quick reference guide.  Teachers and Guidance Counselors giving Career advice.  Public libraries as a Transportation reference.  Pilots and those interested in learning to fly.  Readers craving adventure.

The Story Behind This Book
The author has more than 10,000 hours flying everything from gliders to jets. Many of those hours were spent giving flight instruction. This book includes all the information the author passed on to his student pilots.

Praise and Reviews
I am a 16,000 hour Airline Pilot who had the privilege of meeting the author and talking with him about aviation--almost two decades ago. He's the perfect person to explain the industry to someone interested in aviation. His newest book is a great plain-English primer that should be required reading for any aspiring pilot. The author is an Air Force Colonel, career NSA analyst, and veteran aviator who has flown hundreds of aircraft types, makes, and models. His "Applied Clayton Method" of flying are classic techniques that I have adopted into my own flying for almost two decades. The book was a joy!

Clayton Davis
Clayton was President and founder of Baltimore-Washington chapter of  the National Writers Association.   He has contributed to Redfield Press (South Dakota), New Bay Times ( More...
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