Foolish Endeavors ~ An Erotica Novel
Publisher : JayLiJaz Publishing

Madison Montgomery finds that her life is spiraling out of control.  Several illicit affairs and a birds eye view into Pandora's Box has taken her down a path of destruction.  She vowed to always be in control of everything and seemed to live up to that until Camille entered her life.  From ménage a tois to passion filled nights at the Mansion.  Camille was insatiable and sexy beyond all imagination causing Madison to open up in ways never before.  Now Madison must find a way to regain control of her life before she loses everything.

The Story Behind This Book
Foolish Endeavors came to life when I realized that life was happening all around me and I was bottled up in my own little world of monotony. Sexual inhibitions were replaced by the realization that so many people around me were experiencing romance, eroticism and fulfilling their fantasies without restrictions. I became fascinated with the openess of my friends relationships and began people watching, creating my own little rendezvous in my mind. Sexual explorations shouldn't be lost just because you enter the world of motherhood or become a high-powered professional in society. Enjoy life and if you're married, reinvent yourself and never become complacent and predictable. Enjoy!!


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R.F. Ricks
R.F. Ricks was born in Charleston, WV.  Moving to Atlanta shortly afterwards, she considers herself a native of Atlanta, GA.  Reading became her hobby at a very early age, follow More...