End-of-Life Matters
Publisher : Apollo's Voice, LLC
Thoughtful physicians whose long experience shapes their insights, offer hope and wisdom for making end-of-life care a natural part of the life process. Death is not the enemy. Rather, it's something to prepare for. Instead, Americans all to often go for broke and provide every last ounce of medical care, whether the patient has a reasonable shot at recovering or not.

The Story Behind This Book
This is an abridged version of a longer oral history, White Coat Wisdom. Nobody understands death like physicians because they are forced to deal with it much more frequently than the rest of us. Since the nation got embroiled in end-of-life discussions, much of it misinformation, we thought it was important to get the facts out in story form from those who are knowledgeable about the issue.

Praise and Reviews

"End-of-Life Matters is an outstanding collection of stories from physicians on the front line of practice, who've helped dying patients with heavy decisions."

William Rock, MD, Medical Director, Emeritus, HospiceCare, Inc.


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