Where You Belong
Publisher : CreateSpace
Frost Devereaux's odyssey of self-discovery spans three decades and takes him to every corner of America. Guiding him along his journey are the twin loves of his life: Frankie & Frank Maguire. Through his tempestuous relationships with them, he learns who he is and where he belongs.

The Story Behind This Book
This book has been at least seven years in coming. It was about then I first read “The Cider House Rules” by John Irving. I was one of my first real exposures to what you might call “serious literature” outside a school setting and I was blown away. I loved the book so much that I told myself I had to do something that good someday. I tried a couple of times but couldn’t seem to find the right story. Then with all this publicity about gay marriage because of Prop 8 in California and similar amendments in other states I started to hear a lot on the subject. What I heard from the opposing side always sounded ridiculous to me, most of it along the lines of, “If we let gay people marry, next they’ll let a man marry his dog!” It was so silly that I finally found something I wanted to say. Looking back at “The Cider House Rules” and also “The World According to Garp” they gave me the solution to how I could make a statement while still telling a good story. So it let me achieve two important goals at once.


Patrick Dilloway
Pat has never climbed Mt. Everest, never fronted a rock band (or played a musical instrument), never played on a pro sports team, never dated (or even seen up close) a supermodel,  More...