Grinzleville - The Grulling's Adventure
Publisher : Opening Day Media

Three Grinzleville Grullings discover secrets of their hidden, isolated heritage. When they befriend a Muen named Toren, a bird-headed creature from Borth, they find an adventure like none they could have ever imagined. An adventure filled with Magic, Swords, Kings and DANGER!

The Grulling's Adventure is our exciting introduction to Peltilista, Jipilostian and Saymonbolit, three young Elf-like Grinzles who discover the world is much bigger than what they've known in Grinzleville. They discover magic, unknown lands, frightening mountains and terrifying forests. There are creatures who want to hurt and creatures who help, and throughout their adventure they are forced to grow and mature. The simple lives these grullings once enjoyed will never be the same.
Grinzleville - It's not just a story
It's an EVENT!

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Christopher Hughes
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