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In this compilation, Michaela enlightens us with ancient concepts

and spiritual truths, creating a magical reality that describes man’s

spiritual journey through soul expression and paths to enlightenment.

She uses ancient transcendental constructs to describe in detail

the rich reality of soul journey and alludes to ancient archetypes,

as guiding forces in the quest to mindfulness and awareness.

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Praise and Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful and Inspiring!, August 20, 2009
The ever prolific and metaphysical poet Michael Sefler has gifted readers, once again, with a wonderful book of powerful and inspiring poetry. Her book "Transcendence" is a remarkable spiritual and emotional trek. Readers will find esoteric and mystical poems that sky rocket their way to the heavens! The poet truly captures the divine heart with her creative energy. 

For poetry lovers who like to read uplifting and thought provoking prose this is your book and you should buy a copy for your book shelf. I personally recommend this book! 


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