Publisher : TwinBytes Inc.
All you need to know to buy it, fix it, or ask an expert.  A self-help guide to computer technology.

The Story Behind This Book
There are many very technical books out there and they are too technical for the average person. There are also books labels as "...for dummies" but they are written as such that a 5 year old can read with too much detail. There wasn't any books like this where it talks about all aspects of the computer on a hardware level and software level, in a very casual style with a bit of humour. Enough information to help you decide which computer to buy, or what areas of the computer you want to learn more about. Then you can go and buy the dummies book or technical manual on that partical subject. Several people have read this book and solved a couple small issues on their own that were just not worth hiring someone to fix, thanks to the tips and tricks throughout this book.


Daniel Gauthier
Daniel Gauthier is the president and owner of TwinBytes Inc., a company that provides computer repair services in Markham, Ontario. He wrote this book to inform business owners an More...