Soul Reflections: My Poetic Journey
Publisher : CreateSpace
How do you describe the world around you? How do you make sense of it all? For me, I use the written word. Soul Reflections is my diary of poetry I started at the age of twelve. These poems embody the myriad words and feelings stored in my heart, in my spirit, and in my soul; these poems represent a contemplative introspection of the myriad of thoughts, beliefs, and opinions locked away in my conscious and subconscious mind.

In this book, I have included poems of happiness, pain, grief, and joy. With each turn of the page, you will experience poems addressing the human condition, the composition of my world, social and political change, and my philosophy of life. Soul Reflections is a testament to my ongoing dialogue with God and my exploration of Christianity and theology.

The Story Behind This Book
For the past year and a half I have been really sick. I lost my job and I was feeling pretty low. For therapy I decided to put together a collection of poems I have written throughout the years. Thus, Soul Reflections was born.


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