Mending Lucille
Publisher : Hachette Livre/Lothian
The theme of the book is loss of a parent/central caregiver and its effect on a small child. It is deliberately unclear in the book what happens to the Mother. What matters is that she leaves the child's life. Death is a horrific, tragic, and traumatic experience for children, to cope with. However there is closure. If a parent or central carer just leaves, disappears, abandons for whatever reason, there is an irreconcilable grief. More and more children are being placed in this situation. Often, those around them are too closed into their own emotional anguish/angst to be able to reach out to the child at the child's level of need or the adults assume the child is young so they will cope.
There are teacher notes available for the book which therapists can also utilise.

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Nominated for CBC Crichton Award and
Family Therapists' Award
Children's Choice Award NZ

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