Running From My Shadow - My Own Worst Enemy

Running From My Shadow - My Own Worst Enemy
Publisher : New Frontier Publishing
Award winning author Dan Hardy has compiled an exciting story based on actual events.  Being in a foreign country injured, scared, and armed turns out to be a dangerous situation for all.  Then the day came that he chose to commit an illegal act to get back home.  His judgement was not as good as it could have been.  He wound up in a situation where he only had one way out.  That was to help the CIA smuggle contraband through Central America.
He just was not aware of that part of his deal.  He was told he was going to help train foreign forces.  In the end many of his trainees died at his hand.  Then the struggle to come back home turned into a nightmare. 

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Dan Hardy received four awards for his first book The Complete Pool Manual.  Since then he has been working on two more reference books and three other fiction novels including Ru More...
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