The New Art of Public Speaking

The New Art of Public Speaking
Publisher : Morgan James Publishing
In an era of sound bites, instant messaging and one-minute solutions, many people believe that the powerful, persuasive, life-changing speech is a thing of the past. This book is definitive proof to the contrary. Persuasion expert David Garfinkel has joined forces with legendary writer Dale Carnegie (author of How to Win Friends and Influence People) to bring you an easy-to-use, in-depth, fun-to-read guide on speaking to inform, educate and convince. Every topic a speaker needs is found in this comprehensive resource. The book contains seven chapters alone on using speaking to influence others. But far more topics - ranging from confidence to enthusiasm to body language to themes for speeches - are covered in practical, usable detail. Whether you're a beginning speaker or a polished pro, you'll find wisdom and insights in this book that will last you a lifetime.

David Garfinkel
David Garfinkel has been described as ?the world's greatest copywriting coach.? He's a successful results-oriented copywriter and the author of ?Advertising Headlines That Make You More...
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