The Imprint of God: Secrets in Our Genetic Code

The Imprint of God: Secrets in Our Genetic Code
Publisher : Morgan James Publishing
Perhaps there is a secret in our genetic code that can be life changing for each and every one of us. The Imprint of God starts at the beginning-the beginning of time. Chaos turned into order and the earth and mankind were born. The Imprint of God weaves religion and genetics together. Mankind from the beginning of time, in one way or another, has always worshipped a Supreme Being. Without any concrete evidence for a Supreme Being, why does man persist in his/her effort to worship their God? There are many different faiths in the world. Are all of them right or are some of them wrong? The Imprint of God provides an answer to this question from a very unique perspective.

Ray Lewandowski
Raymond Lewandowski, M.D., is a Diplomat of the American Board of Medical Genetics and a Founding Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics. He is currently practicing cli More...